Financial Services

Tax Planning

Company registration and tax planning are closely connected. Our experts have profound knowledge of tax mechanisms applied in many European countries. We offer consultancy services for your business regarding double taxation avoidance, optimising and minimising of taxes, in particular, applying of a lower taxation basis through an offshore company acting as an agent in trading transactions; purchasing of assets on behalf of an offshore company, thus enabling considerable tax savings; tax exemption for profits from making use of copyrights, patents, trademarks and licences by selling thereof to offshore companies.

Bank Account Advice and Opening

Since opening of company’s bank account is the key to successful business, we offer advice on selection of a bank and its services corresponding to your company’s business and expected account transactions. We will advise you on any and all types of accounts, significant criteria of bank selection taking into consideration its reliability, reputation, bank secrecy disclosure, etc. Once a bank is chosen, our experts will ensure prompt opening of accounts for the earliest possible launching of your business. For the purpose of offshore or low-tax company opening, we may advise on certain types of banks which are suitable and reliable for providing services to offshore businesses.

Opening of Offshore Companies

Using of low-taxation countries, i.e. offshore countries, is one of the ways to optimise taxation practised in the international tax planning. Our team may reduce your full-taxation burden by opening of an offshore company, and thus securing of the following advantages: lawful reducing of tax rates for you and your company in any European country, avoidance of the requirement to disclose information concerning your company, protection of assets from creditors, etc.