During our first legal consultation, we identify your law related problems, and our team will readily find optimal solutions to solve such problems. Our relationships with customers are based on a written contract providing for our legal assistance services.

We offer legal assistance in the following areas and directions:

  • Recovery (collection) of debts under credit facility contracts, loan contracts (including personal loan notes / certificates);
  • Indemnification against material and moral damages caused to individuals;
  • Legal support of insurance indemnities payment after an insured accident occurs;
  • Preparation and filing of various contracts, applications, claims, complaints and other proceedings related documents.
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes related to a default or non-compliance by a party to a contract;
  • Preparation and filing of claim related documents and objections to a claim.

In addition, the Company offers legal services within the scope of civil, administrative, criminal and labour laws. Our attorneys will prepare claim related papers and materials and will represent you in any legal issues and matters related to protection of your good name, honour, dignity and business reputation, and indemnification against damages caused by hazardous sources, traffic accident, etc.