Applying for Patent, Registration of Copyrights and Trademarks

Everything starts from the idea. However, the sole idea is not enough, since we need implementation of such idea to get benefits and proceeds therefrom.

Protection of intellectual property rights, including trademark registration and patenting is one of the integral components of such idea implementation.

А2К Law & Finance Group offers a wide range of intellectual property rights protection services, in particular:

  • Trademark registration inUkraine, making of trademarks to be recognised and renowned;
  • Copyright protection;
  • Patenting of inventions, utility models and industrial designs.

We take care not only of intellectual property rights securing, but also ensure efficient protection of such rights, including:

  • Customer representation before the court,
  • Customer representation before customs authorities,
  • Customer representation before the Ukrainian Antitrust Committee.

Since many business directions see quite intensive competition nowadays, trademark registration inUkraineis the minimum measures required to protect your rights.