Licences and Authorisations

A licence is a special permit to engage in certain type of business complying with all licence requirements and conditions, as it is issued by a licensing authority to a legal entity or to an individual business entity. A type of business secured by a licence may be practiced by the legal entity or individual business entity, in the name of which entity such licence is issued.

In the course of their business, legal entities and businessmen may undertake any and all business types and directions, unless in conflict with the currently effective applicable laws.

The Ukrainian Law of Certain Business Types Licensing sets forth the list of business types and directions requiring a special authorisation, i.e. a licence.

The applicable Ukrainian laws provide for administrative and, in certain cases, criminal liability, if the aforementioned requirements are not complied with.

Our Company provides legal support and professional assistance in applying for licences, including support of obtaining licences for any of business types and directions.

  • Banking
  • Professional business activities on securities market
  • Providing of financial services
  • Foreign trade
  • Broadcasting business
  • Education related business
  • Intellectual property business
  • Telecommunications business

In addition to licences, a business entity may require, under certain circumstances, authorisations and approvals to engage in certain type of business. In general, the list of such authorisations and approvals is very long, but among those most frequently practiced are:

  1. authorisations and approvals issued by sanitary and epidemiological authorities;
  2. authorisations and approvals issued by fire safety control authorities;
  3. authorisations and approvals issued by occupational safety control authorities.