Business, Corporate, Property-Related and Non-Property-Related Disputes

Business disputes are disputes arising between business entities. Such disputes may be settled either independently by the parties involved or in the competent business court / economic court.

Corporate disputes are those connected with a corporate conflict between shareholders of a company, between shareholders and company management, or between investors and a company, which conflict results or might reasonably result in the following circumstances and consequences: a breach of currently effective laws, statutory provisions or internal documents of a company, violation of rights of a shareholder or group of shareholders, claims against a company, its managing bodies or any resolutions passed by them, premature or early termination of powers and appointments of current managing bodies, or significant changes in shareholders’ interests / membership in the company concerned.

Property-related disputes are disputes that arise in the event of any infringement of a title to, or of a right in, any property or assets. A legal owner is entitled to demand: returning of such owner’s property unlawfully taken into possession of others, removing / lifting of property use restrictions, recovery and indemnification of property cost and proceeds from any use of such property. Under certain circumstances, persons infringing proprietary rights may assume not only civil, but also criminal liability.

  •  Registration of legal entities, representative offices and individual business entities inUkraine
  • Making changes in the Authorised Capital
  • Corporate interests and rights transactions
  • Corporate management: general meetings, top management, incorporation documents
  • Reorganising and winding-up of companies
  • Development and implementation of asset protection schemes
  • Business dividing among partners
  • Handling and settlement of corporate disputes in the court