Bankruptcy and Winding-Up

Within the scope of this service category, we offer:

Business winding-up and bankruptcy advice

Our highly qualified lawyers will help you find the best ways to release property under attachment or seizure, analyse the possibility to recover company’s solvency, ensure arrangement of creditor claims, develop an optimal business winding-up plan and take care of many other issues and assignments.

Representing of a debtor, creditor, investor in the course of winding-up and bankruptcy procedures

Representing of a debtor includes:

  • Analysis of a Bankruptcy Application and attachments thereto, as well as other source information and documents;
  • Preparation of objections to, and recalling of, creditor’s Application of Debtor’s Bankruptcy, and, when reasonable grounds exist, taking of steps and measures to plead abatement / recusation of a presiding arbitrator;
  • Participation in trial sessions and Committees of Creditors as a debtor’s representative;
  • Challenging of, and appealing against, presiding arbitrator’s acts; challenging of, and appealing against, expertise results;
  • Challenging of, and appealing against, court decrees and judgements.

Representation of a creditor includes:

  • Analysis of creditors’ claims to ascertain their reasonableness, substantiation and satisfaction chances;
  • Filing of an Application of Creditor’s Claim Admittance, and submission thereof to the court;
  • Representing of a creditor before a Committee of Creditors;
  • Filing and submitting of applications, statements, petitions and solicitations to protect creditor’s best interests.