Criminal Law

Specialisation: criminal cases related to business, commercial offences and abuse of office, and general criminal cases, including those related to traffic accidents.


  • Legal protection of suspects, accused and criminal defendants at all stages of criminal prosecutions;
  • Legal assistance for injured persons, victims and witnesses;
  • Preparation of evidences;
  • Preparation and filing of proceedings related documents;
  • Representing of a customer before law enforcement authorities;
  • Appealing against acts / omissions of law enforcement authorities;
  • Releasing from custody / detainment;
  • Legal protection in the course of searches, house checks, seizures, etc.;
  • Safe custody of documents and things;
  • Efficient protection in case of ‘ordered’ and ‘political’ prosecutions;
  • Search for, and collection of, information required for protection of customer’s interests;
  • Combining of other processes with criminal litigations and separation of other processes from criminal litigations;
  • Making use of all possibilities, opportunities and options offered by domestic and international laws in the course of customer protection;
  • Finding innovative and unconventional solutions to problems and difficulties.