Consulting services

    The ability of the organization / institution to change rapidly in fast developing markets / systems, in the global environment, to meet the requirements of contemporary challenges – are necessary for successful and efficient development of any organization. Slowdown or even closedown shall lead to the inevitable lag and crash. Modern challenges constantly force to evolve, to rebuild, to introduce new technologies that require extra effort, knowledge and skills.

    Solutions for such serious problems are entirely borne by the management, which should take over the preparations for the innovation / change, and to implement them. This increases the burden enormously, and together with the absence of necessary personnel makes even routine tasks performance impossible.

    The logical action in such situations is to engage outside experts, consultants who have the necessary set of knowledge and practical experience. External consultants will carry out analysis of the organization / institution and may offer optimal plan, taking into account specific activities, and individual program for problems solving, as well as draw turn-based action plan with the inclusion of the necessary personnel and specialists into it. Also, external consultants will offer training programs, necessary for the effective implementation of the plan, and oversee its implementation.

    Consulting (from the English “consulting”) – services, counseling provided by specialized companies, including data collection, analysis, production of ready-made solutions of a wide range of issues in economy, finance, law, foreign economic relations, politics and media. Consulting – is a process of consulting services rendering that can be required in any sphere of human activity, including, social. This line of consulting services is “social consulting.” This trend in consulting is sufficiently developed in Western countries, where consultants on any issues are the norm.

    Consulting conventionally has three forms: Process, Expert, and Training.

    Special characteristics of the process (or project) consulting are in joint work of consultant with staff and management of the organization / institution – customer. This cooperation comes down to development and implementation of solutions on necessary processes optimization to achieve specific goals. This type of consulting services includes the development of solutions and recommendations for their implementation after the diagnosis of the company-customer. In this case the client role is only to provide the consultant with necessary information (access to) to size up the situation. Unlike to the process, expert consulting involves setting of a specific task by the client and the search for its optimal resolution by external experts. While during training consulting advisory role consists in providing the client with necessary theoretical and (or) practical information in form of seminars, lectures, workshops, manuals.

    Depending on the specific objectives, combination of these three methods can be used on different stages. Thus, training consulting usually accompanies process, and in many cases, the expert one.

    Consulting solves questions of administrative, economic, financial, investment institutions, strategic planning, optimization of the overall functioning of the company, business, research and prediction markets, price movements, etc.

    The main purpose of consulting is to improve management quality, raising the overall efficiency of the company and increasing individual labor productivity of each worker.

    Our company offers the following services conditionally divided into the following forms of implementation:

    1. Analytical activities (analysis and evaluation of in-house and financial activity of the client, the analysis of investment projects, research activities of competitors, markets, price movements, etc.);
    2. Forecasting (based on the analysis and methods used by a consultant – making forecasts for the above areas);
    3. Consultations on a wide range of issues related to the activities of the client company and market in general;
    4. Revision of the company-client;
    5. Participation in the enterprise-customer activities (strategic planning, set of problems related to the management of the organization in various spheres of activity of the enterprise solution, as well as development and implementation of information systems, system integration, etc.).

    Our company provides the following consulting services:

    Consulting in the field of financial activity of the company allows optimizing company cash flows by attracting additional financial instruments, as well as the effective use of own and borrowed funds by the company.

    Consulting in the field of management is a comprehensive assessment of company state, defining the objectives of the system and enterprise values, forecasting, strategy development, structure and internal processes optimization, creation of anti-crisis programs, crisis consulting.

    Consulting in the field of taxation and legal services includes provision of services aimed at optimizing the tax burden on the company, as well as legal advice to ensure solving of existing legal problems of the company and avoid potential ones, as well as to form a clear strategy for company development in accordance with the law.

    Consulting in the field of strategic planning provides comprehensive solutions relating to the general development of the company, objectives planning and ways to achieve them, terms of cooperation with other market participants.

    Consulting in the field of communication allows solving existing and preventing potential problems in the field of PR.

    Consulting in the field of public sector

    Current advice, effective planning, strategies development, investment consulting, drafting legislation, instruments of public-private partnerships, communication models.

    Political consulting

    Current consulting, image formation / correction, creation and implementation of strategies and organization of civil society movement technologies, parties, realization of civil initiatives, development and implementation of media strategies, political campaigns(incl. election).

    Consulting in the field of change management offers management of those phenomena that accompany the process of change, being associated with the human factor.

    Consulting in the field of improving the process of doing business allows you to expand the set of skills and knowledge that directly or indirectly relate to the nature of the company’s activities in order to further improve the efficiency of the company and its rating indicators.

    Investment consulting

    The main objective of the investment consulting is to provide professional assistance to enterprise managers and investors for quality business plans and investment projects preparation, as well as assessing business economic efficiency in order enable arrival at a balanced decision about investing.

    Development of investment memorandum

    Investments attraction

    Investment analysis